• Do you feel exhausted and overworked?
  • Are you going through the motions just to end each day even busier than yesterday?
  • Is your creativity stifled by overwhelming demands?
  • Did your passion and purpose get lost in running your business?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we need to have a conversation. 

You are not making the impact that you could be and it is costing you!

First of all–You haven’t done anything wrong!

You have all that you need to create a powerful impact through your business.


You are simply experiencing your personal glass ceiling.

When you bump up against your identity glass ceiling, year after year without resolution, it generates symptoms that will get your attention.

Finding your way past your perceived limitations is a benefit of BBL Coaching
  • You are guarded in your relationships which will hold people back from you.
  • When your team members, customers and partners will hold back from you, you begin to conclude that you are all alone; that you have to do everything yourself. So your finances suffer because you are not engaging in the activities that will generate the sales you want and you spend money chasing after shiny objects that you hope will solve your problems.
  • Because your nervous system is in a state of chronic stress, you may experience health issues related to chronic stress such as diabetes, heart conditions and auto-immune disorders.
  • You have no time or energy to enjoy life because you are so busy constantly trying to defend yourself against it.

At Blue Bamboo Leadership we teach our clients how to live with ease, they begin to experience:

  • Clarity of desired experience; My clients determine what they want, and develop the capacity to believe in their value, capacity and worth.
  • Align head and heart; organizing energy around a single core purpose.
  • Releasing all stories and programs that limit their identity.
  • Take ownership of their experience so that they are never the victim of what is happening (or not happening) around them.
  • Accepting unanticipated outcomes or failures and growing from them. We learn to go with the flow rather than resist it.
At Blue Bamboo Leadership we teach our clients experience success, clarity of desired experience, align head and heart, take ownership of their experience, remove limitations

Paige's Story:

"Mindset coaching has been so beneficial not only for my business but in achieving my personal goals. I am currently in law school, wrapping up my 2L year. Usually around this time I would feel overwhelmed and anxious, but I have never felt so confident and relaxed heading into my finals. Thanks to Dr. Meduna-Gross’s coaching, I had energy to overcome this challenge and connect with my why or my purpose in being in law school. I feel so grateful that I now have systems I can implement into my life that allow me to let go of my limiting beliefs."     

                                                                                                                             - Paige

Growth Results


  • Create desired results with less effort. With clarity of desire and a focus on a single core purpose, energy is used efficiently,
  • This creates a sense of ease, realizing for the first time that desired results can be created without struggle.

When struggle is reduced...

  • they have more energy for self-care
  • As they begin to care for themselves properly, they are available to deepen their relationships.
  • As the nervous system comes into balance, chronic health conditions may begin to improve 
  • From this state of ease, they engage in consistent focused actions which raises their confidence and generates consistent revenue.
  • When you lead yourself toward a life of ease, you create the conditions for your team members to live with ease.
  • When they do, they expand their talents and collaboratively use their talents to move collectively toward the mission of the organization.

And the best part– the changes clients make are sustainable. 


We show you how to live and lead with ease, expand your threshold for success and experience a richer, more meaningful and creative life!

This is what it means to lead from within.

You cannot lead your business to higher levels of success if you do not break through your identity glass ceiling.