You've been held back for too long

It's time for you to Flourish

Get Ready to discover your truth

Stop living with old beliefs, expectations and stories.  They don't serve you well or offer any benefits. When the old no longer serves us, we diminish our capacity to flourish, getting stuck in survival mode. 

Let go of the old and flourish with Blue Bamboo Leadership

Being stuck in survival mode directly impacts our business,
our health, and our relationships.

What the Flourish Assessment CAN Tell You

The Flourish assessment reflects a snapshot of your current experience rather than a conclusive summary of your capacity to flourish. This means that as you begin to shift and grow, your results will shift accordingly.


A high score may indicate that you have adequate resources and that you are leaning into your strengths. You are actively creating the life you desire.


A low score indicates that you do not yet have the resources you need to flourish.


With the right support, it is possible for everyone to let go of the old stories and create new, more empowering stories.

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Credits for the Flourish Scale

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