Other things you might be wondering:

How do I know BB Leadership is right for me?

We'll figure that out on a call before we agree to work together. From our perspective, you need only to have recognized an internal barrier that's prevented you from fully engaging your talents and energy.

How will I know when I'm overcoming internal barriers?

Internally, you'll make a profound realization. As a result of this "aha!" moment, you'll gain an understanding that will reframe your perspective of what's possible for you. For perhaps the first time, you'll sincerely believe in your ability to create the future you desire.

Externally, this internal shift will show up as changes in your behavior. You'll find it far easier to do the things that will lead to the achievement of your goals, free from the burdens of self-doubt and self-sabotage. 

How long are your engagements and how much do they cost?

Contractually, we spread the investment in our services over 12-months. Your initial investment is $2,500 and then $500 per month. In most cases, we'll make significant progress during your first 90-days such that our program will pay for itself several times over.

Can I hire you for just a few hours to see how it goes?

Unfortunately no. In fact, your inclination to find a quick fix may be exactly why we should talk. Please schedule a call with us.

Are you an alternative to the personal growth program I'm already enrolled in?

No. We're the amplifier that allows you to experience the results you were seeking when you enrolled in those other programs.