On a mission to teach exhausted and frustrated entrepreneurs to live and lead with ease.

We are living in challenging times. We believe that creating a beautiful life is one of the most important things you can possibly do: a beautiful life is expansive with abundance, success, joy, and creativity.

This retreat is a gift to the most important person in the world, yourself.  A gift of a beautiful container, a safe and brave space for you, the conscious entrepreneur who wants to be your best self, to explore, experiment, rest, release and let go so that you can do the work you are meant to do in this world, so you can be effective, impactful and content.

You will leave this weekend retreat feeling refreshed and with a new sense of purpose, clarity about your unique gifts, and a list of practical, actionable steps to take when you go home to keep your growth unfolding.


Discover the power of deep rest and restoration
Develop a clear vision of who you want to be, your “favorite self”
Deepen and learn to cultivate a personal relationship with yourself
Getting aligned with what you really want (not what others say!)
Learn to listen to your embodied wisdom so you can make choices with confidence and clarity

An open heart, and a willing mind

You will be held in this space by Hillary Johnson and Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross, who will guide you over the course of the weekend while you immerse yourself in the beauty and peace of Lake Michigan and the DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin. All materials, room and board are included. All you need to bring is yourself, an open heart and a willing mind.

Stop walking the edge...

As conscious entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place, while also doing well,  we may often find ourselves walking along that edge between holding space for others and taking care of ourselves. 

This retreat is for you if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • are you constantly holding space for others?
  • would you love someone else to hold space for you, a safe space for all your emotions, the comfortable and the uncomfortable?
  • do you feel like you are living in a state of high alert?
  • do you crave some time for yourself?
  • are you feeling stressed, in your life or in your business?
  • would you like some practical support and guided exercises for you to work with in everyday life?
  • do you need to heal your body, heart, mind, and energy?
  • would you like to connect more with nature/beauty?

    We are inviting you to join us at The DeKoven Center, nestled beautifully on the shores of Lake Michigan in Racine Wisconsin. Here you can literally surround yourself with like minded souls and natural beauty so that you can reconnect with the beauty within yourself.

    Beginning at 5pm on Friday, September 23, ending at 1:00pm Sunday. 


    SEPTEMBER 23 - 25, 2022

    Complete accommodation is included, room and board.  
    The DeKoven Center, 600 Caron Butler Drive (21st Street), Racine, WI 53403



    Early Bird Pricing until July 1, 2022 - $600Regular Price: $750 (closes August 1)


    REGULAR: $750


    You will be held with care and compassion as you enter the space of this retreat made just for you, the entrepreneur who wants to do well and be of service to the larger community. Throughout the retreat you will be gently guided, challenged and supported through your transformation and as you prepare to re-emerge back in your business and all that the rest your life holds.  All activities are led by experienced facilitators.  

    The retreat will give you an opportunity to:

    • Unplug from all the usual stresses, demands, and media so you can focus on you 
    • Make new friends and meet like minded people
    • Immerse yourself in guided, intentional transformational work
    • Enjoy simple, nourishing, delicious food prepared with care

    Your Hosts

    Mary Meduna-Gross


    Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross

    With over 30 years of teaching, leading and coaching experience, Mary is a heart-centered business leadership coach and educator. She believes that we are happiest when we honor our inner strengths and gifts by using them to make life better for others and ourselves. She knows that it takes a great deal of courage and self-compassion to let go of the old stories that no longer serve us, so that we can experience the highest version of ourselves and live with ease.

    She supports conscious entrepreneurs who struggle with self-doubt and lack clarity of purpose. With her guidance, her clients align with their inner power, so that they can make the world a better place through their business, establish a satisfying culture within their team and clientele, manage profits giving them the opportunity to make an even better impact, and work through their struggles to arrive at a place of ease and peaceful prosperity.

    Mary has a PhD in Educational Leadership from Indiana State University, a Master's in Community Mental Health Counseling, and a Bachelor's in Special Education and Teaching. She is the creator and host of the Conscious-Preneur podcast, and the creator of the Conscious-Preneur Magazine.

    Get in touch with Dr. Mary Meduna-Gross, or schedule a call with her here.

    by Patricia Lee Watts (SFMOMA/EcoArts) and Tanja Wechsler (Our Humanity Matters) and the public art exhibition I AM WATER on billboards in Brooklyn, NY. The work was also honored with a solo exhibition of video installation and photographs on silk at the Hüten Gallery in Shanghai, China. 

    Hillary leads meditation and creativity workshops online and face to face, as well as periodic retreats around the world. You can learn more about her on her website, and follow her on Instagram @hillaryjohnsonthephotographer


    Hillary Johnson

    Hillary Johnson is an international, interdisciplinary artist, meditation teacher and healer living by Lake Michigan in Chicago, USA. She has been facilitating workshops, teaching and offering individual coaching for over 15 years. Growing up by the ocean imbued Hillary with a deep love of our ever changing seas where she enjoys sailing, swimming and wool-gathering. 

    "I love to hold space for others' healing, helping them become better witnesses to their own evolution so they might discover and fulfill their potential. I believe our greatest work is creating the most beautiful lives we can, so we can heal and share our gifts with others. To me the greatest tragedy would be getting to the end of one’s life and not having fully done what one was put here to do."                                                              Hillary Johnson

    She is an MFA Candidate in Photography at Columbia College Chicago and a Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Contemporary Photography also in Chicago.

    Hillary’s work often involves creating experiences and rituals to witness, name and celebrate the deep inner process of healing and connecting with self and others through installation, meditation and embodied practice. Her work is reiterative in process, gaining clarity through time and repetition. Her current practice is a global movement called, The Waters We Swim In, a ritual of transformation which combines meditation, powerful questions and immersion in water for deep healing. The resulting photos which each participant receives serve as daily reminders of their inner beauty, expansive capacity and sovereignty. In 2021, one of these photographs was selected for 

    Harvest & Prepare FAQ

    How do I get to the DeKoven Center?

    Follow this link for directions, or use this!

    Finding Your Way to the DeKoven Center

    From the North:

    1. Head southbound on I-94 E.
    2. Take exit 333 for WI-20 toward Racine/Waterford.
    3. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Wisconsin 20 E.
    4. Turn left onto WI-20 E/Washington Ave, follow for 17mi.
    5. Slight right onto 14th St.
    6. Turn right onto Wisconsin Ave.
    7. Wisconsin Ave turns into 21st St.

      End at 600 Caron Butler Drive (21st Street), Racine, WI 53403, USA.

    From the South:

    1. Head northbound on I-94 W.
    2. Take exit 335 for WI-11 toward Racine/Burlington
    3. Keep right at fork, follow signs for Wisconsin 11 E.
    4. Turn right onto WI-11 E/Durand Ave, follow for 89 mi.
    5. Turn left onto Sheridan Rd.
    6. Take the 1st right onto 25th St.
    7. 25th St turns left and becomes Mead St.
    8. Turn right onto 24th St.
    9. Continue onto Roosevelt Park Dr.
    10. Turn right onto 21st St.

      End at 600 Caron Butler Drive (21st Street), Racine, WI 53403, USA.

    I’ve never heard of the DeKoven Center. What’s the story?

    You can read all about it here!

    Here are a few highlights for you:
    The DeKoven Center began as Racine College, established in 1852 founded Dr. James DeKoven The layout was modeled on English colleges, with a large quadrangle and faculty and students living on the campus and eating together.

    Mary Todd Lincoln visited the campus, as did Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great essayist and poet. Founder, James DeKoven died in 1879, and the college continued in one form or another until the Great Depression forced its closing in 1933.

    The DeKoven Center went through many evolutions and today proudly continues a 150-year legacy of continuing education, spiritual reflection, and recreation, sponsoring monthly retreats and quiet days, hosting conferences led by nationally known speakers, and promoting a variety of events and programs in the arts.

    How do I register for this retreat?

    We are limiting the size of the group to create a really lovely and personal experience for each person who joins us. We highly recommend registering early so you will be sure to claim your spot for stepping into your Zone of Genius!

    What are the deadlines for registration for this retreat?

    The deadline for Early Bird pricing is July 1 and the rate is $600 including room, board and all supplies.

    Regular Registration closes August 1 and the rate is $750.

    What should I bring with me?

    Bring your favorite cozy and comfy clothing, toiletries, hairdryer if you use one, any medicines you may need, and your favorite journal. All else is provided for you, lovely and simple rooms in a beautiful historic building and delicious meals prepared with care. Water, tea, available 24 hrs.

    What should I not bring with me?

    We request that you leave perfumes, colognes and perfumed creams and lotions at home. We collect phones in a giant basket so that you can gift yourself this powerful time to be offline. So while you may of course use your phone for navigating to the retreat center, staying off line is highly recommended to preserve this beautiful transformative container for maximum growth.

    What if I haven’t launched my own business yet but am still in the ideation phase of my conscious entrepreneurship journey? Is this retreat for me?

    That is a spectacular question! We are thrilled that you are thinking so mindfully of how you will develop your new business. Yes, this retreat can help you build a beautiful foundation for your new adventure with great clarity and intention.