Business Breakthroughs via Personal Growth.

Blue Bamboo helps people overcome the internal barriers holding them back.

Some of the brands whose people we've helped...

The truth is
we're designed to hold ourselves back...

You (or your people) might be struggling with:

Figuring out what you REALLY want

Life teaches us to play it safe. From our earliest experiences, we develop a sense of our limitations and apply them to what we believe we can achieve. Could it be that our efforts to pursue business growth are undermined by personal limitations?

Failing to act without an external need

While you have no problem meeting client requirements, you often put your own priorities behind others. There always seems to be something more important than digging into the work on yourself. Something is stopping you, but you don't know what it is...

Believing you're worthy of the desired result

At the heart of every unrealized goal, there's a personal belief holding someone back. Until these beliefs are challenged and overcome, we'll remain incapable of breaking through our growth plateaus. What are yours?

Letting go of negative experiences in your past

A life without trauma is unrealistic. Business is no different... failed initiatives, bad hires, unmet expectations, market shifts, disintermediation, and dozens of other past experiences can hold your business back. How can you change this?

Are you leading your life or are you letting it lead you?

You want to fix it, but you're not sure where to start...

Here's how we can help:

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 1:

Assess & Benchmark Your Business

By the end of this process, you'll have clarity on:

• Exactly what your beliefs are and how they're holding you back.
• Clear next steps for breaking through growth plateaus.

• A new understanding of what's possible for you and your organization. 



After a difficult, unexpected life event I was struggling to get back in to my business and knew I needed help. Mary came very highly recommended by a colleague. I knew from our very first conversation she was the right coach. I can't thank Mary enough for her guidance and her expertise!

Step 2:

Design Your Growth System

A personally organized and professionally tailored plan for:

• Freeing you from the limitations of past experiences & traumas
• Igniting the unrealized potential in your organization
• Staying on track into the future
• Our approach balances your needs for flexibility and certainty.
• Engagements for acute, short-term needs and/or the lifetime of your business. 

navigate through your weak spots

molly b. - business owner

Mary gives me grace when I'm too hard on myself and forces me to shine a light on my accomplishments. She is always there with a kind word but also helping me pinpoint and navigate through my weak spots!

Step 3:

Implement & Optimize 

Dependable, measurable, and repeatable results. Guaranteed.

• One-on-one coaching and consulting for key executives.
• Group education, training, and coaching for organizations.
• 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.  

freeing yourself to succeed


My husband asked me if I thought coaching was worth the investment and I turned to him and said, "Over the next 6 weeks, I have the most transactions scheduled to close than I ever have had in my six year career, possibly a Million-Dollar month in November and I'm still working with 2 active buyers, with 2 more listings coming on this month and a listing appointment on Monday. So, yes, I think my coaching with Mary is worth it!!" :-) (Oh, I've already listed 3 houses this month, and all three are under contract.)

Do it All Without Feeling Shamed, Judged, or Defeated

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When we live with old beliefs, expectations and stories that no longer serve us it diminishes our capacity to flourish and we get stuck in survival mode. Being stuck in survival mode directly impacts our business, our health, and our relationships.

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